One of the most powerful methods I use in my practice is the Hakomi Method. Hakomi is a mindful, somatic approach to exploring and shifting the root causes of self sabotage, procrastination, ineffective communication, and more.

In practical terms I teach the client (you) how to slow down your mental chatter and focus using simple mindfulness training techniques. We develop this ability to focus together and then turn that focusing tool towards the body. By carefully observing the body it becomes clear that all of our emotions, impulses and things we don't want to see, or don't even know exist, are constantly being expressed there.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate. - Carl Jung

The clues can be subtle, and often invisible to us without the aid of an outside eye. Changes in breathing. Micro gestures or expressions. Tension appearing in the chest or shoulders. This is where a guide can help. One client said it was like learning to see what they spent a lifetime training themselves to ignore.

What some have said during sessions:

That was like 3 years [of work] in 10 minutes.

I can't remember what I said I wanted to work on - I just want to do more of this.

This is like self-awareness 3.0!

The power of noticing these indications that there is more to the story is that... we get to know the whole story!

Once we understand what is actually motivating the sometimes baffling and counterproductive things we do, they don't seem so mysterious and, better yet, we have a chance to address the real source of the challenge. And, of course, there are tools for doing this as well.

While these techniques are not appropriate for every client in every situation, the Hakomi toolkit is incredibly powerful for skipping past the guesses and stories we tell and finding, facing, and shifting our real motivations and fears.

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    • I consider myself extremely fortunate – blessed, even – to have met Kai and to be coached by him. I can confidently say that I have never experienced the level of intuitive, down-to-earth, gentle, and effective guidance that I am receiving with Kai. I feel like the work we have accomplished in these four months might have taken four years or more with any other [work] that I have experienced before, if at all. It is clear to me that Kai has found his true calling.
    • Kai had a very profound impact on my life. He really helped me discover a growth edge that I wasn’t even aware of, and he helped me frame the next step in my own personal evolution. To top it off, the simplicity with which he framed everything and the practices he gave me were powerful. I’m discovering a new way of being within myself and carrying myself in the world. I can sense that I’ve grown deeply, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to Kai.
    • Since I had never worked with a life coach before I didn’t know what to expect, nor have any idea what an incredibly valuable experience working with Kai would become for me. Kai gave me practices, ways to think things through, and ways to become more observant of myself, my reactions and the ways that I did things– all of which became life-changing seeds. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to start on a path of learning what they want, achieving their dreams, and finding fulfillment and happiness work with Kai.