Develop a whole new way of communicating, working and living with confidence and effectiveness.

Kai Mantsch
Kai Mantsch

Kai Mantsch

Integral Coach + Co-Founder of Denkai Peopleworks

Kai is a certified Integral Coach® and graduate of Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology, where he has served as lead assistant for trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area. He brings his coaching, psychology, mindfulness and 20+ years of tech experience to help leaders in both the tech and nonprofit spaces develop practical, powerful skills.



Motivating and educational workshops designed to the needs of your team.
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Develop your leadership presence, make tough choices and inspire your people.
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Develop your productivity, confidence and social intelligence.
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Win your audience, that funding, those customers or that job.
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  • Kai worked with me to find my voice and develop my ability to speak authentically and courageously… Through my coaching sessions, I became more self-aware and body-aware. Feeling more grounded and centered, I was able to advocate for myself more effectively both at work and in my personal relationships. As a result, I was able to create more space for life and feel more comfortable expressing myself. I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with Kai.
    Yuwen ChuYuwen ChuGenetech
  • Kai helped me realize that change was possible in areas I thought were a permanent part of who I was. I drastically improved my awareness and skill with difficult work conversations which had a positive impact on both my management abilities and personal relationships. Kai also helped me uncover core values that helped me understand what was truly important to me.
    Vickie PengVickie PengPolyvore at Yahoo
  • Kai Mantsch has literally changed my life. Instead of feeling like I’m fleeing a runaway train, I feel like I’m driving the train. My life has been given back to me! I wholeheartedly endorse this incredible person’s endeavor to help people identify their goals and reach their true potential. It’s an amazing process that I will never regret.


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