Writing and Speech

ying in front of audience

Client Yingzhao Liu speaking at Wisdom 2.0 2016

Whether you are preparing a speech for several thousand people or the next team meeting I can help. We will work with your stage fright or fears about language skills as we build your ability to add dynamics and charisma to the way you speak. We will take your seeds of ideas (or nearly completed work) and explore ways that we can best impress and delight your audience.

Presenting well involves a harmonious combination of Material, Audience and Performer.

  • What material works best for you and who you are?
  • Different things are important to different people. We’ll explore how you can speak to a range of personality types and their needs.
  • How you speak is often more important than what you say. What are your nonverbal cues telling people, and how can we have your body tell people what you want them to hear? (And not what you don’t!)

To shape you and your speech into something memorable I combine my experience with voice training, radio and documentary film production, creative writing and musical and improvisational theater. I bring in mindfulness and body awareness from the Hakomi Method as well as coaching skills from New Ventures West. You will step out onto the stage or in front of your team with confidence about what you have to present and how you present it.


  • Kai is a multi-talented master for public speaking and storytelling. He provided a lot of clarity and insight when I was preparing for a pitch as a grantee advocate. From structuring content to coaching me on delivery techniques such as rhythm, timing, and ways of expressing, he gave me relevant and effective feedback to shape my final presentation. With Kai's help, I was able to secure funding for an incredible African non-profit.
    Elisa ChiuElisa ChiuImpact Investment | Capital Markets Business Development
  • Kai has helped prepare writing for promotional materials, websites and magazine articles. The most notable article was published on O'Reilly's website. Kai understands my voice and takes my multi dimensional thinking and weaves it into a coherent narrative that everyone can access. He is very good at clarifying end goals and thought processes on complex topics.
    Silona BonewaldSilona BonewaldDirector of InnerSource Engineering | Pay Pal
  • When preparing my Wisdom 2.0 speech I had a lot of concerns about how to best get my message across. Kai had me think about what I was going to say in a completely new way that really elevated the talk. I got a huge round of applause and for days afterwards I was approached repeatedly by people who had been deeply moved. A lot of what touched people came from what I added to the speech based on Kai's suggestions and I'm extremely grateful for his help.
    Yingzhao LiuYingzhao LiuDirector of User Experience Design | LinkedIn