Executive Coaching

Get the confidence, thoughtfulness, clarity and presence I’ve helped bring to leaders at Linkedin, Google, Genentech, Silicon Valley startups and international organizations.

Sometimes you just need a few good conversations with someone outside the organization, someone who understands the pressure you are under every day, someone who has experience helping you step back, get your thoughts together, and see the next step emerge with simple clarity.

Getting the right tool or insight at exactly the moment it’s needed means going from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to moving forward with excitement. Just what you need, right now.

Emerging leaders are often drawn from places and roles where they shine. The experience of stepping into leadership can be like walking into a completely different room where all of the rules have changed. Leading people to excel, handling their interpersonal conflicts, delegating work, developing trust, managing your own energy and time… all can be learned and shaped into your own personal style with the help of an experienced guide.

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  • I never thought I wanted a coach until I met Kai. Now I understand the real importance of coaching. He could look at my situation from the outside and see things I couldn't. He helped me past my comfort zone to overcome perfectionism and make real progress. He has such a calming presence. I felt so free to express myself and I couldn't *not* be honest, which forced me to be honest with myself. Now I can see the big picture and what's really important. I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.
    Arwa HouryArwa HouryFounder | Intelligent Designs
    After running a startup as a co-founder and one of the main implementors for over a decade, I was feeling burnt out and uncertain of my direction. My time working with Kai helped me get clarity on what choices I was making that led to particular outcomes. With the guidance and tools Kai offered, I learned to trust my own insight more and to make more intentional decisions to consciously shape the path I wanted going forward. The foundational work we did led to additional revelations as I continued, and I can definitely say I'm both more productive and more balanced in my approaches to work and life as a result of our work together.
    Corregan BrownCorregan BrownFounder | Project Locker
  • Working with Kai helped me in so many ways, growing my leadership skills at both a personal and interpersonal level. I had no prior experience with coaching, and must say I was a bit skeptical about the process - and probably not the easiest client to work with, at least in the beginning. Now I look back on the experience and can’t imagine how I managed to make it through 30 years in business without the skills I learned with Kai. In my current role I work in an intensely collaborative environment where relationships are key, and didn’t realize how much my prior experience in large organizations and start-ups was coloring my leadership style. Working with Kai has helped me develop practical skills for empathy and emotional intelligence, and expanded my awareness of, and compassion for, both myself and the people I work with.
    Stuart MangrumStuart MangrumDirector, Philosophical Center | Burning Man Project
    My work with Kai the past two years has been a profound and life-changing experience -- which is saying a lot for me as I’m in the lifestyle transformation business. Our work began through sessions of effective and surprisingly holistic executive coaching, that evolved into much more targeted personal work as I became more comfortable exploring the root causes of my business challenges. Kai’s focus on self-empathy, awareness, and action allowed us to look at big challenges, find a starting point and begin making small, intentional and incremental progress that accumulated noticeably, like sand in an hourglass. My work with Kai enabled me to weather the most difficult year of our business, and a horrible series of personal events in a way that I am truly proud of. My work with him has inspired several of my peers to seek out similar help with balancing spiritual, career and work/life challenges.
    Neal LigginsNeal LigginsCEO | WHOLE Family