Join Your Accountability Action Team

Get What’s Important Done!

1. Choose your most important and most resistant project (we’ll help).

2. Join a team of fellow completio-nauts, supported by a trained professional coach.

3. Spend 3 months on a rocket journey to completion as you tear through obstacles and distractions like walls of a paper prison.

You’ll get research-based techniques and training when it’s most impactful on:

  • Building good habits that stick
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Mastering time and energy
  • Staying focused and sharp
  • Recovering from setbacks

We’ll provide encouragement and listen as you share your experiences, watching them transform from stories of struggle to tales of triumph. Together we’ll meet the distractions, hurdles, perfectionism and entanglements with laughter and mutual support.

…Or you could keep waiting.

The Bullet List

  • 3 Month Accountability Action Team
  • Only 6 Completio-nauts per team
  • Trained coach and facilitator *
  • Accountability
  • Applied Mindfulness
  • Online yawp, grump and cheer space
  • 1.5 hour meetings every 2 weeks: landing, reporting, focused support, short lessons customized to the groups’ needs, in the moment coaching
  • All online to easily fit into your day

This is not for you if…

Normally this is where I would talking about being serious, committed, and ready to work hard. But I know you’ve tried that already.

team fistbump

Instead, if you aren’t ready to do things that edge beyond your comfort zone, this may not be for you. Because if what you really want is to keep doing what’s familiar – what you’ve already tried – this opportunity may not be for you.

This will also involve a commitment of time and effort. Your project won’t finish itself, and the team is going to be counting on you. And it’s time for you to count on you, too. If you don’t think you’re ready to be part of a team, or if you aren’t ready to take yourself seriously, this opportunity may not be for you.

Taking an important project from idea in your mind to something you can see and feel and has real impact in the world can be surprisingly… scary. Success can mean recognition or responsibility to do what it is you set out to do. We will help you through that. But if you genuinely aren’t ready for what happens when you begin to succeed, this opportunity may not be for you.

This is for you if…

You know that there is something important you want accomplish, maybe for yourself, maybe for the world, maybe both – but it keeps getting pushed under the stack of todos or into a rumpled cardboard box in the back of the closet.

You might even know that feeling that comes with it – the squeeze in your stomach when you turn to that corner of the room or see the next step on your todo list – the squeeze that is hidden when you click on a video or email or text message – any video, email, or text message.

At the same time you know, too, the dread of another month or another year passing without making any progress on what’s in that box – the treasure that is slowly rotting away as the days pass.

This program is for you if you have not just one, but dozens or even hundreds of half finished ideas – and if it seems like choosing any one of these important or brilliant ideas means killing all of the rest…. You might even feel paralyzed, like any choice could be the wrong choice and it’s better not to move.

Join us if you want help choosing and focusing.

Join us if you want outside eyes and ears to support you when it feels like you might have made a wrong turn.

Join us if you want to feel the elation of moving forward – of taking real, solid steps on firm ground towards what you know could be.

Join us if you want to know what it’s like to achieve.

What Clients Say

Kai helped me realize that change was possible in areas I thought were a permanent part of who I was.

I have never experienced the level of intuitive, down-to-earth, gentle, and effective guidance that I am receiving with Kai.

Through my coaching sessions, I became more self-aware and body-aware. Feeling more grounded and centered, I was able to advocate for myself more effectively both at work and in my personal relationships.

[Kai] had a very profound impact on my life. [He] really helped me discover a growth edge that I wasn’t even aware of, and… helped me frame the next step in my own personal evolution.

Kai gave me practices, ways to think things through, and ways to become more observant of myself, my reactions and the ways that I did things– all of which became life-changing seeds.

spartan race jumpers

The Investment

As an executive coach in Silicon Valley, I charge considerably more money for one-on-one development work. But I can only reach a limited number of people. I want to make this kind of opportunity more accessible, and these small groups are one way to do that. This is also a pilot program, the first time this work is offered in this format, for a limited group of people. For this pilot, for this one time, I am offering a discounted rate of only $354 for the whole program. I want this to be a no-brainer.

In return for this discounted rate, all I ask is that you give me honest feedback about your experience with this pilot project and, at the end, provide a testimonial if it feels right.

If you invest fully in the program, attending the sessions and doing the work, and still don’t feel like this program was valuable – I will refund all of your money.

I want to be clear again that this is a pilot project. I will never offer this opportunity at this price again.

About Me

I spent much of my life struggling with attention issues. I tried hundreds of schemes and even medication. Then I trained to become a coach, working with Silicon Valley leaders in the tech world. I applied what I learned about neuroscience, mindfulness and behavior modification in ways that changed the way I worked and lived.

Now when I get stuck and sidetracked I have tools. I can refocus and recharge in ways that helped me finish a feature length film, complete several intensive multi-year training programs, develop large software applications and more – all without the stress I used to feel (and even thought was necessary!)

Now I want to share the great stuff I’ve learned in a more accessible group setting.

I want you to experience the more calm, focused, directed and relaxed days I have now. I want you to stop procrastinating and move forward. Join me for this one-time chance to get in on the ground floor for well under the cost of future programs.

You’ve waited long enough, been distracted enough, been sidetracked enough, felt guilty enough.

Apply Now

* Trainings and Certifications

Here is a sampling of trainings and certifications from the longer list of methodologies:

  • Integral Coaching® – New Ventures West
  • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology – Hakomi California
  • Systems Coaching – ORSC
  • Effective Influence + TeamSmarts – CCCI

Credit Where Due

Images by: Annie Spratt and Jonathan Daniels