I trained initially at New Ventures West. Here is their response to what differentiates Integral Coaching.

I also draw from a wide range of other methodologies and practices to construct a program uniquely suited to each client's situation. Some examples include social and emotional intelligence, mindfulness, nonviolent communication, qigong, and leadership embodiment.


Integral Coaching® - New Ventures West
Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology - Hakomi California
Focusing - Ann Weiser Cornell / Eugene Gendlin
Systems Coaching - ORSC
World Work - Arnie Mindell
Effective Influence + TeamSmarts - CCCI
The Enneagram - Helen Palmer
Full Spectrum Improv - Joya Cory
Leadership Embodiment - Wendy Palmer
Integral Unfoldment - Steve March
Re-Creation of the Self - Jon Eisman
Insight Meditation - Spirit Rock / James Baraz + Jack Kornfield + others
Direct Path Nondual Meditation - Ganga Ji + Chad Johnson + Adyashanti + Mooji
The Right Use of Power - Cedar Barstow
Texas Institute of NLP - Tom Best

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