Life and Relationship

Your Voice

  • Uncover what you have to say and learn to express it
  • Learn to hear yourself through the noise of the world

Your Relationships

You may want more intimacy at home and more respect at work, yet developing respect, open honesty and mutual understanding are essential in either field of life.

  • Build trust
  • Be heard
  • Take on challenging conversations with confidence
  • Set healthy boundaries that don't damage your relationship
  • Negotiate so that you're both excited about the results
  • Develop real intimacy


Together we will reveal the underlying motivations, sticking points, and automatic responses that get in your way. What are you unintentionally communicating? What are you unconsciously avoiding? What keeps you from doing what you say you want to do?

  • What are people saying?

    • I consider myself extremely fortunate – blessed, even – to have met Kai and to be coached by him. I am a mature woman, and I have employed different therapists and therapies at several different crossroads in my life, but I can confidently say that I have never experienced the level of intuitive, down-to-earth, gentle, and effective guidance that I am receiving with Kai. I feel like the work we have accomplished in these four months might have taken four years or more with any other therapy that I have experienced before, if at all. It is clear to me that Kai has found his true calling.

      (NOTE: Kai Mantsch is not a licensed therapist and coaching is not therapy.)
    • You had a very profound impact on my life. You really helped me discover a growth edge that I wasn’t even aware of, and you helped me frame the next step in my own personal evolution. To top it off, the simplicity with which you framed everything and the practices you gave me were powerful. I’m discovering a new way of being within myself and carrying myself in the world. I can sense that I’ve grown deeply, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to you.
    • Since I had never worked with a life coach before I didn’t know what to expect, nor have any idea what an incredibly valuable experience working with Kai would become for me. Kai gave me practices, ways to think things through, and ways to become more observant of myself, my reactions and the ways that I did things– all of which became life-changing seeds. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to start on a path of learning what they want, achieving their dreams, and finding fulfillment and happiness work with Kai.