Executive Coaching

Get the confidence, thoughtfulness, clarity and presence I've helped bring to leaders at Linkedin, Google, Genentech, Silicon Valley startups and international organizations.

  • Speak up with clarity, charisma, presence and authority
  • Bypass Burnout: you're no good to us dead
  • Inspire and grow your team
  • Work with difficult people
  • Build trust
  • Negotiate towards mutually exciting possibilities
  • Give effective, helpful feedback
  • Get the most from a multi-cultural team
  • Increase Social Intelligence and interpersonal effectiveness

Use time-tested techniques to increase your emotional and social intelligence. Learn to de-stress with simple techniques in the short term while developing solid long-term habits that fit your schedule and capacity.

Intrigued? Contact me for a free consultation to see if it's right for us to work together.

  • Testimonials

    • I never thought I wanted a coach until I met Kai. Now I understand the real importance of coaching. He could look at my situation from the outside and see things I couldn't. He helped me past my comfort zone to overcome perfectionism and make real progress. He has such a calming presence. I felt so free to express myself and I couldn't *not* be honest, which forced me to be honest with myself. Now I can see the big picture and what's really important. I feel like I'm moving in the right direction.
      Arwa HouryArwa HouryFounder