Accelerated Personal Growth

If you want greater focus, better social skills, or more ease in life this is a great time to be alive.

Opportunity: The Peanut Butter Cup of World Wisdom

Our understanding of human capacity and development has been accelerating at tremendous speed. Thanks to new tools, our knowledge of neuroscience is increasing daily. Ancient spiritual "technologies" have been translated, shared, and are now readily available. The same ability to share globally has refined and further advanced the techniques of psychology and human transformation. We are now in a time of great opportunity where all these approaches and their wisdom are being combined to create integral development systems that allow for much faster personal growth.

The truth is that for some time we've wondered why spiritual gurus like Chogyam Rinpoche, Sogyal Rinpoche, Richard Baker-roshi and others were so enlightened and yet unable to handle the role of leadership - instead descending into bad behavior and scandal. Therapists were also noticing that something positive happened in the therapy room when they brought in their Buddhist mindfulness and other practices. On one side we had peanut butter, on the other: chocolate.

We are finally joining the Psychological Peanut Butter with the Awakening Chocolate.

Many, like philosopher Ken Wilber, the instigator of the Integral movement, are now recognizing that "waking up" (Nondual/Buddhist/Daoist awakening) is powerful, but is not enough. We also need to, "clean up" (psychological healing) and "grow up" (adult development). Others, like teacher Adyashanti, have begun adding somatic inquiry practices to their teachings. On the therapy side, there are now whole conferences, like the Nondual Wisdom and Psychology Conference.

How I Can Help You

I came to California years ago to be in the center of this particular boiling pot. Here I've had access to world renowned teachers of ancient wisdom traditions, psychological luminaries, and Stanford and Berkeley's latest brain research. I've trained in Parts Work, Inner Relational Focusing, Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychology and more. I've learned from teachers like Gangaji, Adyashanti, Jack Kornfield, and others. I helped start a school based on the idea of building the wisdom peanut butter cup and it is but one of many experiments in this area.

Now I am offering this work in the form of one-on-one sessions. Together we will develop your capacity for mindfulness and awareness, and then use that powerful new capability, that new magnifying lens, and point it both inward and outward. You will build a greater capacity to be with difficult situations, handle difficult conversations, and move beyond what seemed like problems. You will find yourself better able to lift yourself from the seductive but exhausting tornado of thoughts, worries and plans (courtesy of your brain's default mode network) to gaze down on your world from a higher place, a place of greater ease and perspective.

Clearly, there is much more to say on this topic and I am passionate about discussing it.

Feel free to contact me to set up time for a brief, free chat to see if this is something that might interest or support you.

  • What are people saying?

    • I consider myself extremely fortunate – blessed, even – to have met Kai and to be coached by him. I am a mature woman, and I have employed different therapists and therapies at several different crossroads in my life, but I can confidently say that I have never experienced the level of intuitive, down-to-earth, gentle, and effective guidance that I am receiving with Kai. I feel like the work we have accomplished in these four months might have taken four years or more with any other therapy that I have experienced before, if at all. It is clear to me that Kai has found his true calling.

      (NOTE: Kai Mantsch is not a licensed therapist and coaching is not therapy.)
    • You had a very profound impact on my life. You really helped me discover a growth edge that I wasn’t even aware of, and you helped me frame the next step in my own personal evolution. To top it off, the simplicity with which you framed everything and the practices you gave me were powerful. I’m discovering a new way of being within myself and carrying myself in the world. I can sense that I’ve grown deeply, and I want to say a big THANK YOU to you.
    • Since I had never worked with a life coach before I didn’t know what to expect, nor have any idea what an incredibly valuable experience working with Kai would become for me. Kai gave me practices, ways to think things through, and ways to become more observant of myself, my reactions and the ways that I did things– all of which became life-changing seeds. I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to start on a path of learning what they want, achieving their dreams, and finding fulfillment and happiness work with Kai.